Building a Deck in 10 Steps in Montreal: Complete Guide

Building a Deck in 10 Steps in Montreal: Complete Guide

Constructing a deck can transform your outdoor space and add value to your home. Follow these 10 steps to realize your project in Montreal with the expertise of BONBOIS.

1. Contact A Deck Construction Expert

First and foremost, meet with a deck expert to discuss your ideas. This free consultation is crucial for planning your project and taking necessary measures. You'll discuss foundations, materials, dimensions, stairs, perimeter, doors, rails, privacy walls, and the possibility of adding a pergola.

2.Check The Need For City Permit

Check the need for a construction permit with the city of Montreal. In most cases, it depends on the scope of your project.

3. Field Preparation And Foundation

BONBOIS will prepare your site for construction by excavating the soil and installing a geotextile fabric with river rocks to prevent weed growth and ensure proper drainage. You'll choose from different types of supports for your deck (concrete block slabs, concrete sonotubes, or screw piles).

4. Building The Deck Frame

Deck boards will be fastened to the frame, ensuring the floor is square with the house's foundation.

5. Deck Flooring Installation

Les planches du deck seront fixées sur l'ossature, en veillant à ce que le plancher soit d'équerre par rapport au solage de la maison.

6. Staircase Construction

Stringers will be fabricated to support the steps and risers, following recommended height and depth standards.

7. Patio Perimeter

To enclose the underside of the deck and create storage space, boards will be installed around the perimeter, including one or more access doors.

8. Railing Installation

Rails will be installed in compliance with Quebec regulations, ensuring safety and aesthetics.

9. Privacy Wall

A privacy wall will be constructed according to your preferences, offering a private and personalized space.

10. Pergola Construction

Choose from different pergola styles to add a finishing touch to your deck.

By following these steps with the assistance of our experts at BONBOIS, you'll realize the deck of your dreams in Montreal. Feel free to contact us to start your project.